DOCOMO Deploy Pre-Commercial 5G Service in Japan

NTT DOCOMO Pre-Commercial 5G

There are 42 5G Commercial Network Operators Worldwide. Last Friday, NTT Docomo (Japan’s largest mobile communication network operator) launched its full-fledged pre-commercial 5G service, allowing people in Tokyo and other major cities in Japan (including Nagoya and Osaka) to use 5G communication networks.

However, the coverage of its 5G network is low. And the NTT DOCOMO 5G network has also covered Tokyo Stadium, which enables visitors to experience “2019 Rugby World Cup” in Japan and Russia from multiple viewing angles. The 5G service will use the base station setup and frequency band that will be used for the planned full commercial service.

During the competition, NTT DOCOMO will provide three kinds of special smartphone devices compatible with the 5G network for users on the spot, so that users can watch the game from multiple angles through 5G terminals, and get completely different viewing experience from the traditional live broadcast.

The transmission speed of the 5G network is said to be up to 100 times faster than that of the current 4G communications network, allowing users to enjoy the high-speed content that will be streamed to the special devices.

This should be a small-scale 5G application, the purpose is to let people experience the charm of 5G network in advance, and accumulate 5G network construction and operation experience, to prepare for the final sprint of large-scale 5G commercial next year.

Commercial 5G service on a large scale for paying customers is still expected to commence in spring 2020, just ahead of July’s Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

 It is worth mentioning that in order to reduce the overall cost of 5G network, NTT DOCOMO will use its own “open” wireless network solution jointly developed with equipment vendors.

Look for the Japan’s commercial 5G service next year.

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